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Strong Double-wall Thermo lemonade/ice tea/coffee/juice/milk/cocktail Glasses, Set of 2

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suns1 Strong Double wall Thermo lemonade/ice tea/coffee/juice/milk/cocktail Glasses, Set of 2


The Sun’s Tea (TM) glass is stronger, more durable, designed for everyday use. The double wall glasses keep your hot drink hot and cold drink cold due to their unique double-wall feature. Its two walls allow you to hold onto a piping extreme hot glass of hot drinks without burning your fingers, or prevent condensation from forming on the outer wall while holding a cold beverage. This double wall glasses is made of stronger borosilicate glass which is perfect for your everyday use. * Sun’s Tea(TM) is the trade maker owned by SUN Valley Enterprises LLC
Product Features
Set of 2 Sun’s Tea (TM) 8-ounce double wall glasses. (Sun’s Tea Glass)
Stronger, more Durable, has passed freefall ice ball impact testing from 16 inches height
Insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, this handcrafted drinkware doesn’t sweat.
Two clear layers create illusion that liquid is suspended within.
Dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


339 Mary Belle Ct
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


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