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Western Electric – 302 – Orange Old Phone with Chrome Trim

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old ph Western Electric   302   Orange Old Phone with Chrome Trim


Fantastic Western Electric 302 – Custom Orange Version!
This wonderful working example of 1930s design is sure to fit into your period decorating scheme. What I love most about this phone is the great RRRING that will be sure to get the attention of everyone in your household!
This metal 302 dates from the mid 1940s and it has been fitted with a new alphanumeric dial plate overlay that shows none of the wear that is so characteristic in phones from this period.The phone has been completely disassembled, carefully stripped, and then expertly refinished with a groovy orange high gloss finish to feature the glorious profile of this model. Although Western Electric never produced a orange 302, we feel that they should have and think that you will agree. We have highlighted this classic with Chrome trim. We feel it really shows off the lines of the phone.The bakelite handset has been professionally painted using the very same materials and procedures implemented by the original phone companies of yesteryear. As a finishing touch, a new curly orange handset and a orange line cord have been added to this classic. All components have been fully overhauled and tested to ensure that they will function properly both now, and in the years to come. This wonderful piece of history carries a one year parts and labour warranty subject to our standard terms and conditions.This is a great opportunity to own a fantastic piece of fully functional classic technology.


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